DIY Felt Meringue Floor Lamp

I was inspired after seeing this pendant lamp on Apartment Therapy, as well as these two on Design*Sponge. I wanted a different light source in my bedroom, aside from the pair of lamps on my bedside tables. My original thought was to create a pendant lamp, but because of ceiling limitations and lack of electrical know-how, I quickly repurposed my original idea into a floor lamp. The materials are relatively inexpensive and I was able to save by using an existing floor lamp kit from IKEA, as well as a thrifted lampshade.

Materials Needed:

– Lampshade, I used an oversized retro shade purchased from a thrift store

-felt (3 yards, or about 25-30 felt sheets from craft store, depending on size of lampshade)

-hot glue gun


1. Cut out many circles, I kept mine about 2 inch rounds for the project, but you can vary the sizes to give more dimension to the overall design. I used the roll of duct tape as a template for my felt circles.

2. Fold the felt circle into a Fortune Cookie fold, by folding the circle into half so it looks like a half moon and then fold again one side of the folded half and hot glue together. This should then resemble a fortune cookie like design and hot glue this to the lampshade.

3. Glue the felt circles in clusters varying the spaces between to create variance in the design.

Halfway There….

…Almost finished.

Detail 1.

Finished product.


Overall, I spent under $20 dollars on this project. The lamp shade was $10, the felt & glue gun w/glue sticks was $8, and the lamp base was free. This was a great way to recycle an old lampshade and I was really satisfied with the way the light plays with the texture and layering of the felt. The lamp really has a quality similar to whipped cream and/or a lemon meringue pie and could be a great addition to a bedroom, living room, or a little reading nook. Cheers!


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